Podcasting – Resource Rolodex

Creating professional-quality podcasts has become easier than ever, thanks to the wide selection of resources available via the net.

Here is a selection of the most well-rated and reviewed resources you are likely to need…

  1. Audio Acrobat Media Creation, Broadcast and Distribution Cloud Service

One of the easiest ways to create podcasts, if you have a landline telephone handset:  The electrical plug-in sort.  (You can still record via wireless, but a landline will give a better-quality sound.)

You can store all of your podcasts right within Audio Acrobat and choose the plan that bests suits you, bandwidth and feature-wise – starting at $19.95 a month and upwards.

You can also download your files and edit them in Audacity or other sound recording software.  And you can access free training modules such as this one:

Using Audio Acrobat can be as simple as picking up the phone and doing a three-way conference call with a guest, if you have call waiting and conference calling as features on your phone plan.

Your podcast is automatically recorded, and you can retrieve the link and distribute it straight away, if you don’t wish to edit.

There is also a free, thirty-day trial.

  1. Audacity 2.0.3 Sound Editing and Recording Software

This open-source software is a basic tool for recording and editing audio files.

Even if you are recording via a service like Audio Acrobat, you can still download your files and edit them to add sound effects or music, reduce background noise or cut out pauses and vocal stumbles.

It’s not only constantly and diligently updated, it’s free, so don’t be afraid to download it and try it out.

  1. Libsyn

Hosting alternative to Audio Acrobat.  In addition to iTunes integration, it also allows you to turn your podcast into an app.

Also offers podcast apps for iOS and Android, as well as migration tools for moving your existing podcasts over to their services.

  1. Downcast

App for downloading and playing podcasts “directly from your iOS device without the need to sync with iTunes”.

5. PowerPress Podcasting Plugin

Countless podcasters with WordPress blogs swear by this plugin, which also incorporates full iTune support, including the ability to include a Feature Episode that allows podcasters “to designate a primary episode, which can be used to introduce the podcast or lead in to a new series”.

PowerPress includes many powerful features, including:

  • The ability to associate podcast channels with a specific type of post
  • The option to include a “Feed Discovery” in website headers
  • Easy adding, deleting and modifying podcasts within blog posts and pages
  • Free media stats from your WordPress dashboard

And many more features.

There are several well-made videos available on how to install and use it, for those who are nervous.

The best part?  Users rate it as “easy to use”.

  1. Seriously Simple Podcasting Plugin

This WordPress podcasting Plugin is seriously simple, lacking many sophisticated features hard-core podcasters wouldn’t be caught dead without.

It is also utterly reliable, and “perfect for getting up and running quickly, without the bloat”.

  1. podPress Podcasting Plugin

Long the industry standard for podcasting, podPress has recently fallen out of favor… only to be reinstated after a host of new upgrades:  The most recent only three days ago as of time of writing.

  1. Logitech ClearChat Comfort Headset H390

It’s best to buy a digital USB headset with built-in microphone that is specifically designed for talking – one that features noise reduction as a built-in asset.

As you can see from this example, this type of headset doesn’t have to be expensive. The ClearChat can easily be picked up from Amazon.com or from your local electronics or office supplies store.  (Hint:  If it’s too expensive when you go there in person, check their catalogue – products are often on special or cheaper in the catalogue – but factor in your shipping costs.)

  1. TwoBuckThemes.com

Want professionally-produced, royalty free, hassle-free, original music clips?  Try TwoBuckThemes.com. For a basic membership of $10.00 per month, every month you can download five diverse sixty-second music themes.  Arpeggios, themes in minor keys, scary music, seasonal music – TwoBuckThemes is diligent about providing them all.

No one knows better than Stewart how important it is to create the right mood to support your podcast or vodcast message, and these tracks are created by professional studio musicians under his expert direction.

The advantage of subscribing to a service like TwoBuckThemes.com:  Mike Stewart’s excellent reputation in the sound and video recording industry; top quality music clips; all legal rights taken care of; monthly tutorials and tips; a forum where you can request particular types of themes and fast, personal customer service.

  1. Sound Bible

But what if you want the odd sound effect, rather than a music clip?  There are plenty of sites such as SoundBible.com eager to provide you with libraries of these. While the quality is not always the greatest on free sites, they do serve a handy purpose.

One of Sound Bible’s advantages is that – like other free sound clip sites – it lists clips by category and provides sound samples:  However, it also adds a “License” field so you can see at a glance whether or not your clip is truly public domain.

  1. Public Domain Sounds

Another useful public domain sound clip provider.

With all these public domain sites, please note that you cannot include or resell their sound clips – even if they allow you to use the sound clips for business.

Always check copyright and licensing information.  Practice your due diligence.

  1. 12.iTunes

Quick and easy instructions on how to publish a podcast to the iTunes store (archived).

  1. 13.Tunes RSS Generator

Easily keep current with iTunes top charts to see what your competition is doing.

  1. The Audacity to Podcast 

It pays to follow podcasting “authority blogs” to keep up with the latest news and tips in the podcasting world.

Run by Daniel J. Lewis, The Audacity to Podcast is rich in short but effective “how to” tips and tutorials, which the author provides in article, video and podcast format, to suit your own particular learning preference.

15. Podcasting Legal Guide

Anyone practicing podcasting in the U.S. should check out this Creative Commons legal guide to podcasting.

“Does not provide legal advice” – but nice and clear; and written by a bevy of heavy-duty legal professionals.

  1. 16.Blogworld.com/How to Start and Market your podcast in 2013

A “must read” article containing resource links for almost everything you need to know about podcasting, including:

  • How do you determine the potential size of a podcast audience?
  • How do you choose your niche?
  • What podcast listeners really want from your show notes

And more.

  1. 17.Podcast Answer Man

Helpful podcasting blog – but his series of “how to” podcast creation videos make a particularly handy reference resource.

  1. Smart Passive Income/how to start a podcast tutorial 

Many people swear by Pat Flynn’s series of video tutorials, which demonstrate topics such as:

  • Exporting and Tagging .MP3s
  • Submitting to iTunes and Other
  • Your Feed and First Episode
  • Equipment and Software

And more.

  1. 19. Huffduffer

Like Pinterest, it allows you to place a bookmarklet in your browser bar and bookmark podcasts you like.

Organize them by using category tags.

(Note:  You can do this with your own podcasts.)

  1. 20. SoundCloud

Operates like a social network.  You can upload and share your podcasts.

Also offers third-party creation apps.

Allows you to embed your creation on your website or blog with the SoundCloud widget – and share your content via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

(Be sure to check out the types of podcasts and general audience preferences before investing time in any podcasting social networking or platform.)

  1. 21.You Tube

It may come as a surprise to realize that YouTube is the largest host for vodcasts.  Not only can you look for podcasts and vodcasts on podcasting/vodcasting, you can (of course) host your own offerings there.

Podcasts and vodcasts have one advantage over videos:  They include a link to “View full playlist”, letting the viewer know how many episodes are in that particular series.

  1. 22. Podcast People

Think of it as a social network for podcasts.  It is a paid platform:  However, plans start for as little as $4.00 per month for audio-only podcasts on their “Classic” plan.  This plan also includes:

  • Auto-generated RSS feeds
  • Comment spam blocking
  • Advanced statistics
  • Multiple themes
  • Email support
  • Online technical support
  • Standard and high quality audio encoding

There is a fourteen-day free trial period, and no contracts.  You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.  (Credit card only.)

  1. 23. Blip TV

Blip TV is the perfect place to upload vodcasts – providing they are presented as series or in weekly episode form.

There are multiple categories, in which you can place your vodcast, including: Interview, Learning, How to, Home & Family, Health, Comedy, Tech & Gadgets.  And more.

  1. 24.Podbean

A one-stop combination of social network, hosting site and directory where you can use promotional tools, statistics and integrate your Podbean playlists with your existing website. (Also consider advertising your podcasts within Podbean or creating paid subscriptions.)

  1. 25.Pheed

Social network that focuses on multi-media, including podcasts.  Allows you to monetize your podcasts and promote series.

Caters to a younger demographic – but that seems to be changing.

  1. 26.Enablr

Podcast advertising.  Allows you to make your podcasts both indexed and searchable.  You can set your own dollar limit to suit your budget.

  1. 27.Google Feedburner

There are many feed syndicators and you can easily syndicate feeds – including your specific podcast feeds – through Feedburner, if your plugin or podcast creation and hosting service doesn’t already automatically do this one for you.

The advantage of Feedburner?  It is one of the most foolproof aggregators to work with, if you aren’t familiar with burning feeds and will be stuck with following a wizard or tutorial.  And it has been taken over by Google, so you can bet Google is going to approve of Feedburner feeds over other types, whenever it has a “choice”.

In fact, the only time you may run into problems is – ironically – if you install the otherwise-superb Blubrry PodPress plugin.  If you already have Feedburner and want to install PodPress, check out Blubrry’s troubleshooting page.

  1. 28.Create a Text-Based Podcast

iTunes provides complete instructions for all things podcasting – and they feature text-based podcasts too.

Why do they do this?  Because people like to read these on their iPhones.  So if a text-based podcast would work for your business, or your market are predominantly textual learners, consider creating one – and publicizing it.

  1. 29. Blog Talk Radio

The easiest way to create and promote a podcast show!

  1. 30.Top Podcast Directories to Submit your Show to in 2013

The International Association of Internet Broadcasters has provided a comprehensive list of active current directories.

Explore all the resources in this guide and you’ll quickly find the ones best suited for you, your computer equipment, your budget and your preferences.

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