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This resource list is designed to give you some extra help in all of the aspects of webinar presentation and being success with webinars that are listed in the book. They have been put into specific categories so that you can easily find the area that you are struggling with and check out the resources provided. Hopefully, you will be able to use these resources to improve your webinar business even more.

Get Help Choosing a Platform

Cisco’s WebEx


Some of the most popular webinar platforms reviewed in-depth so you can see how they compare to the internet’s most popular webinar application.

Top Ten Reviews


A chart comparing ten different webinar applications categorized by things like pricing, webinar features, presentation features and more. The first program on the list appears to be an advertisement but it is still a very useful tool for comparing the other nine.

Earning Guys


With free programs Skype and Google Hangouts leading this “top ten” list by EarningGuys, you can be fairly certain of an unbiased review of these ten programs for hosting webinars.



Finally, a thread on Quora devoted to webinar platforms. Often you can find a lot of expert advice and insider information from those who answer questions on Quora.

Resources to Learn Presenting Skills

eLearning Industry


Ciprian Soleriu


There are lots of resources out there to give you tips on becoming a better webinar host. Above are a couple of really good ones that you should definitely check out.



GoToWebinar has published a PDF online that is full of really good hosting tips. You can download it here but be aware that it downloads instantly when you click the link.



INC has published a list of 25 tips that will help you to become a better public speaker and they are definitely useful.

Wilder Presentations


There is also a very good guide online that outlines some of the behaviors exhibited by some of the world’s best presenters.

Technical Guides to Optimizing your Equipment 

PC Magazine


PC Magazine has a very useful tutorial online that will allow you to optimize your computer and make sure that it is fast enough to run your webinar platform and the other software that you plan on using



This is TechRadar’s list of some of the best webcams for streaming, including the most recent models. Check out this list because you probably need one for your webinar and some of these are very affordable.

PC Gamer


PC Gamer is also considered an expert in the field of technology and their list of the best microphones for video streaming over the web will give you a variety of choices and allow you to find the perfect microphone for holding webinars.

Resources to Advertise & Promote Your Webinar 

One of the ways that you can promote your webinar is by listing it on many of the popular free webinar listing sites. The advantage of this is that people actually go to these sites and browse the listings because they are interested in attending a webinar. That makes your job much easier. Here are some of the listing sites.

Webinar Listings


Free Teleseminar List




Webinar Hero


Webinar Base


Event Span


Teleseminar Live


Webinar Box Office


The American Genius


There are also lots of creative, “out-of-the-box” ways that you can promote your webinar if you look around. You can get inspired by just about anything you come across online or in the real world



There are also quite a few general event listing sites that you can use to promote your webinar. You might not have people specifically looking for webinars on these sites, but they are looking for something to do and somewhere to go to learn.

Here are a couple of really good, very popular sites in which people post upcoming professional events and things like webinars:

LinkedIn Event Listings


Facebook Event Listings


Monetization Ideas 

Website Designs


One of the basic ways that people monetize their webinar is by charging admission for it. But it is difficult for beginners to know whether or not they should charge for the information they are providing. This guide will help you determine whether you should charge for your upcoming webinar or whether you should find a different monetization model.



This guide will help you determine how much to charge, if indeed you do decide to charge for your webinar.

Traffic Mastery Intensive


Most people monetize their webinars by other means and this is a downloadable PDF that will give you tips on monetizing by offering an eBook or “course” as a way to make money with your webinar. NOTE: This is an instant download.

Webhosting Secret Revealed


Sometimes you have to think ‘out-of-the-box’ if you want to monetize your webinar and this list of unique ways to make money from your webinar maybe able to stoke the fires of your imagination.



Clickbank is one of the most comprehensive listing sites for products that allow you to make a commission by selling them on your own website. Check out some of the products available and see if you can find a way to promote it during your webinar.

Other General Webinar Resources 



Here is a ten step program to getting your first webinar going, which presents many of the same principles you may have learned from this material, but in a new way.

Accordance Bible Software


Here is a really good video on webinar basics that will give you some good information in a very visual way, which could clarify some of the things that you have already learned and allow you to see running a webinar up close and personal.



Here is a free course on getting your webinar up and running from the LinkedIn child website Lynda.com.

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